- About us

Who we are

We founded our business on simple but powerful objectives

  • To be the best
  • To innovate and lead where others follow
  • To be transparent and frank

Over the last decade, we’ve grown into a dynamic industry leader with a reputation for achieving the impossible – and providing brilliant customer service while doing it.

As experts in our field we have the knowledge and experience to lead the pack, and as an independent business, we have the flexibility and agility to stay ahead of the game. This approach as seen us become valued partners to companies such as Nike, Samsung and DAF, who trust us to deliver results – no matter how big the challenge.


Becoming Cube London marks an exciting new chapter in our history. We’ve brought together our three core companies – Wrapcube, Signcube and Hirecube – and united them under one roof.

This gives you the benefit of engaging one company with the combined experience of all three, and gives us the ability to focus on doing what we do best now and into the future.

Certified Quality

As one of only eight 3M-approved Gold Select businesses in the country, we’ve shown a commitment to technical excellence that is independently recognised and verified to reassure you that we’re the real deal. Our Director, Nic Bessent, works in consultation with 3M’s product development team in Europe and is often the first to test new innovations and offer expert feedback.

On top of this, we are ISO Certified and constantly review and improve our services to maintain industry-leading standards.

- St Cloud Care

"I can honestly say that we have been happy with every aspect of the work Cube have done for us."